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$1 Trillion

annual loss in incidents

30% Bounce Rate

per second of app delay

50% of engineering time

spent on firefighting

Why AdeptDC

Modern IT/IoT business operations move fast and depend upon an array of interrelated dynamic operating metrics. It is hard to capture anomalies in moving data because they often do not follow a particular pattern or a fixed safety limit. Also, anomalies must be captured in real-time for mission-critical applications. AdeptDC’s plug-and-play AI reads dynamic operating data in real-time and tags whether it is an anomaly.

Salient Features

Plug-and-Play AI

AdeptDC's AutoML empowers data center operators to reap the benefits of state-of-the-art advancements in artificial intelligence without writing any code. Our solution is imbued with flexibility to meet different operator skill-levels, reusability to minimize the training time, and extensibility to adapt to changing demand.

Context Extraction

Data without context is noise. With proper context, data however is a valuable operating asset. Manual data labeling is the most prevalent approach for data contextualization. However, this approach does not scale with thousands to millions of operating metrics running in a typical production environment. AdeptDC's pattern recognition algorithm can rapidly diagnose data context at scale to resolve this problem.

Auto Calibration

Traditional rule-based incident management solutions detect incidents based on hard-coded thresholds, which is labor-intensive at scale and demands operator surveillance of baseline drift. With AdeptDC's AI-enabled analytics, operators do not have to worry about calibrating sensor APIs with changing operating environment.