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AdeptDC Wants to Use Machine Learning to Prevent Data Center Outages

As Google has demonstrated, applying machine learning to understand heat patterns and fine-tune the data center cooling system for maximum efficiency is a sound data center use case for machine learning. But AdeptDC, the software startup applying machine learning to data center management, thinks it can be even more effective if it takes into account more than just cooling, or even power.

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A Smart Assistant for Data Center Cooling?

Startup AdeptDC applies machine learning to data centers’ biggest source of inefficiency: overprovisioning. Does your data center actually need all the cooling capacity it has installed? If it’s like most data centers, it does not. That both cooling and power capacity in most data centers are significantly over-provisioned is not a secret. Upsite Technologies figures are the most dramatic, with cooling capacities routinely four times higher than necessary.

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A holistic metric pits energy demand vs. supply to improve data center efficiency

Acronyms abound in IT, and data center discourse is certainly no exception. In this article, I'll discuss PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), OPEX (operating expenses), and RAI (Resource Allocation Index). In my recent article about PUE, I wrote that data-center designers are less than satisfied with PUE as an accurate measure of how efficiently a data center uses electricity.

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