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$1 Trillion

annual loss in incidents

30% Bounce Rate

per second of app delay

50% of engineering time

spent on firefighting

Why AdeptDC

Today every organization is a digital organization driven by real-time mass-customized services. These services demand infrastructure agility that cannot be managed by reactive rules and supervisory control policies. We believe AI can bring much-needed agility and AI-powered human operators will run zero-incident infrastructure operations with the best possible efficiency at scale.


Anomaly Prediction

As many as 85% of alarms in data centers are false alarms, leading to alarm fatigue and eventual alarm desensitization. This means that operators ignore true alarms, resulting in catastrophic consequences. AdeptDC's ML-enabled anomaly detection tool weeds out false alarms, triages true alarms, and alerts human operators only when it actually matters.

Health Assessment

Most of data center operations management focuses on monitoring the health of data center equipment with fragmented silo solutions which are difficult to maintain and scale. AdeptDC provides a single pane of glass that can onboard most of the common data center hardware and orchestration systems, monitor their health in real-time at component-level granularity, and inform operators of actionable metrics.

Incident Resolution

Data center operations management requires fast incident resolution. These state-of-the-art solutions are purpose-built by different manufacturers and yet are inadequate for resolving interrelated system-level issues. AdeptDC offers a ML-enabled solution with which a data center operations team can perform comprehensive forecasting, clustering, and root cause analysis.

Predictive Maintenance

While downtimes and application degradations are fatal, preventive maintenance is prohibitively expensive. AdeptDC helps data centers to identify the optimal middle ground with its predictive maintenance features.

Cooling Optimization

When data center operations teams increase equipment count without identifying optimal cooling set points, they often introduce reliability concerns. Determining those optimal set points, however, is extremely difficult in a dynamic data center. AdeptDC's ML solution helps data centers dynamically identify the coveted optimal cooling set points so that data centers can maximize their performance at minimum possible TCO.

Decision Support System

Data center operations activities are becoming increasingly complex, versatile, and interrelated. AdeptDC's data-driven inference engine helps data center operations teams make informed decisions requiring insight from complex datasets.

Salient Features

Plug-and-Play AI

AdeptDC's AutoML empowers data center operators to reap the benefits of state-of-the-art advancements in artificial intelligence without writing any code. Our solution is imbued with flexibility to meet different operator skill-levels, reusability to minimize the training time, and extensibility to adapt to changing demand.

Cross-silo Analytics

AdeptDC's analytics can handle data generated from different operating layers with different operating characteristics. It is completely agnostic of vendor, hardware-type, and orchestration software layers.

One-click Deployment

AdeptDC's solution works right out of the box from day one. Powered by an efficient ML algorithm that requires minimal training data, AdeptDC's analytics kicks in almost immediately upon deployment.