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Zero Touch Observability

AI Assistant for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection and Faster Root Cause Analysis

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$1 Trillion

annual loss in incidents

30% Bounce Rate

per second of app delay

50% of engineering time

spent on firefighting

Why AdeptDC

Modern applications demand a significant operating overhead in health rule configurations for application quality monitoring and health parameter tuning to match dynamic user traffic. AdeptDC’s zero-touch observability platform eliminate the necessity for application health rules. AdeptDC's platform automates unsupervised anomaly detecton in fast-moving metrics and dynamic ddependency ranking across multiple metrics for fast incident response orchestration.

Salient Features

Zero Touch

AdeptDC's online unsupervised algorithm eliminates the necessity of heath rule configuration and tuning to monitor abnormalities in fast-moving metrics. In addition to reducing operting overhead, it also improves the analytics accuracy because it rolls with the fast-moving metrics and auto-detect anomalies and baseline drifts.

Dynamic Dependency Ranking

AdeptDC's dynamic correlation ranking can cluster metrics even when they have different orders of magnitudes, missing data points, and different frequencies. This ranking support alarm triage and root cause analysis.

High Signal to Noise Ratio

AdeptDC's anomaly detecton and baseline drift analytics can precisely handle complex workload types such as periodic workloads of multiple frequencies, bursty workloads, noisy workloads. It can also capture contextual anomaly that often serves as the early warning to an incident.