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Arrow Electronics, Inc. (ARW) has a 4,000 sq.ft. high-density data center (~15-20 kW racks) filed with expensive IT equipment (~$10,000). Due to poor thermal management, the hardware mortality rate was very high in that facility even though the service cooling capacity was more than 100 RT.


Jeremey Wise, Arrow’s Solution Architect, attempted to solve the problem by retrofitting chilled-water doors to his racks. It costed him more than $400,000, but it did not solve his high hardware failure issues.

Jeremy's Story
“One day I received a warning from AdeptDC’s app. One of my HP servers was running hot even though the aisle was pretty cold. I quickly went into the data center and noticed there is a pile of dust blocking the server inlet. As I cleared out the dust, everything started to run fine.”


Jeremey deployed AdeptDC’s Solution in his data center to gain real-time granular visibility into his data center temperatures. Armed with that visibility, he proactively eliminated the hardware failure related issues from his data center. It also reduced his average cooling costs by 30%. Our software-only solution was an order of magnitude cheaper than the state-of-the-art hardware-based solution that Jeremey had evaluated earlier.

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How confident are you about the thermal health of every device in your data center?

Do not leave your data center thermal management to guesstimation. Get real-time pulse of your data center’s thermal profile and eliminate hot spots - just like Jeremey did.